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Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research is the name of our research division at San Tan Allergy & Asthma. At Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research (AAIR) we are dedicated to finding new and cutting-edge treatments that will benefit our patients. We are equally committed to ensuring the long-term safety of medications already approved by the FDA, as well as, finding new uses for existing medications on the market.

Our research staff, led by Dr. Neal Jain and Vanessa Tanner, have over two decades of research experience spanning many different healthcare areas such as: asthma, allergy, atopic dermatitis,immunology, sleep, burn, pediatrics, emergency, medical/surgery, podiatry, and oncology.

Over the past several years, Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research has had the privilege of working on pediatric asthma and device studies which have resulted in FDA clearance for use. Respectively, this has made it easier for some families to get their necessary daily asthma medications and has made it easier for providers to be able to better diagnose and treat their patients.

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Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research strives to offer concierge medical assistance to our research patients with 24x7 access to a provider. While we understand that to successfully perform research you must focus on collecting accurate data, at Arizona Allergy & Immunology Research we will never sacrifice patient safety or excellent patient care in the name of research.

The nature of research may sometimes mean more frequent or longer in-office visits, therefore, our goal is to make research fun for the whole family and truly get to know our research patients on a personal level. It is because of this that at the end of each study we are often left with lifelong friendships of a unique nature.

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