Phoenix Lung Function Testing

At San Tan Allergy & Asthma we utilize two types of lung function tests to assist in determining the cause of different respiratory conditions.

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The first type of test, called spirometry, allows us to measure the amount of air a person can get in and out of the lungs; this type of test is also called a lung function test. Most kids and adults over the age of 5 years are able to perform this type of test. Often, we will perform the test twice; once before the administration of a medication called albuterol and once afterwards to determine if lung function improves. This test can help us to determine if we need to be concerned about asthma or other types of lung disorders.

The second type of test, called exhaled nitric oxide measurement or eNO, allows us to determine if the breathing tubes inside your lungs are inflamed, which may be a sign of asthma. It specifically tells us whether you need a certain kind of medication to reduce the inflammation. It also allows us to determine if we can safely reduce asthma medications. Because eNO is a newer technology many insurances are not yet covering it. Fortunately, the cost is quite low and if it is felt to be necessary your provider will discuss the test further with you. If you are interested in asthma testing, please call our office.
To read more about exhaled nitric oxide click on the link below:

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