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We offer a patient-centered approach by the allergy experts in Phoenix Arizona.
We utilize the latest technology evidence based allergy practice in our treatment of patients.

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Do You Have a True Penicillin Allergy?

Do You Have a True Penicillin Allergy?

A recent study has demonstrated that almost 95% of patients with a delayed allergy to Penicillin may actually NOT be truly allergic to the medicine. Many patients report an allergy to antibiotics in the Penicillin family (For example, Amoxicillin or Penicillin)....

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Food Allergy Elimination Challenge!

Food Allergy Elimination Challenge!

At San Tan Allergy & Asthma we see patients on a daily basis who are newly diagnosed with food allergies. Often times for parents, this news can be overwhelming. Knowing what foods are safe, changing the way you grocery shop or even where you grocery, educating your...

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