Oral Immunotherapy

San Tan Allergy & Asthma is excited to offer a new option for the management of food allergies.

Until recently, the only treatment for food allergy was strict avoidance of the offending food. Over the last decade a significant amount of research has been conducted to evaluate if there are safe and effective methods to desensitize patients to the food(s) they are allergic to. Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is one of three different methods that have been studied and has been shown to be the most effective treatment option for reducing the severity of, and in some instances, particularly in younger children, curing a patient’s food allergy.

OIT is a process that involves the slow oral introduction of the allergenic food in gradually increasing amounts, similar to the process and method of allergy shots for environmental allergies. Typically, over a period of several months, the patient’s immune system becomes more tolerant and less sensitive to the food they are allergic to. After several months of treatment, most patients who undergo this treatment are able to consume these foods with no allergic reaction. Although the protocol has been most studied in peanut allergy, it can be applied to most foods including tree nuts, milk, and egg.

Because food allergies can be life-threatening, oral immunotherapy should only be administered under the supervision and guidance of a Board-Certified Allergist specifically trained on how to provide this therapy in a safe and effective manner.

It is important to note that this treatment is not appropriate for all patients. Prior to pursuing OIT, patients will be evaluated to determine if they are candidates or if further testing and work up will be necessary before being able to pursue this treatment option.

Patient Testimonials

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Staff is professional and always very friendly!

After allergy testing, Dr. Shimamoto explained the process and options of allergy injections and answered all my questions. I follow up with Heidi, who is also great! As of now, I’m still doing weekly injections and it’s been easy to get desired appointment day and times. I am happy that I chose San Tan Allergy!”

judith mendez

“Thank you for being Professional and Caring.”

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Lisa Blaylock ★★★★★

Watch out for telemedicine appointments. Make sure you have pre-screened for them. Worked with Jackie over the phone. She is fantastic–super patient and professional. Had exam and skin tests ordered by Dr. Shimamoto. He’s happy and efficient. Great practice, just need to be patient with all the delays and possible miscommunications due to all the pandemic-imposed restrictions.”

E. M. ★★★★★

Everything was so nice. The reception in the front desk of the best. I didn’t have a appointment. And they look and got me one next day. Two girl in the other office were also so nice. My son goes there. I’m from El paso and I was very impressed. Thanks again.”

Rita Romo ★★★★★

edwin jose

We love Dr. Shimamoto and the staff at San Tan Allergy & Asthma.

Fran Lowder ★★★★★

jacqui rodriguez

Dr. Shimamoto is fabulous. He has seen my daughter since she was a new born and has assured her immunolocial concerns id not turn into issues.

Kat Myhre ★★★★★

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