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Skin Prick Testing

Testing for Environmental and Food Allergies can be performed relatively quickly and painlessly using a method called “scratch” testing. Essentially skin testing, aka allergy testing, involves applying a small amount of an “extract” containing different allergens with our plastic multi test applicators.

IF you are interested in scheduling an appointment for skin testing, PLEASE be advised that ALL medications that include antihistamines in them must be discontinued 7 days PRIOR to the appointment date. If they are not stopped in time, the test results will not be accurate. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions on the antihistamines.

How the procedure works:
-Patient will be instructed to take their clothing off from the waist up, and a patient gown will be supplied.
-The back-office team will then enter the patient room and instruct the patient that the skin test will be applied to the back and there will be proper markings drawn on the patients back to be able to identify where everything will be placed.
-The skin is NOT broken during the procedure, however there will be a slight scratch feeling when it is applied.
-Patient will be instructed to stay in the room with the back open to air for 15 minutes to obtain results.
-During the wait time, you may have positive reactions which may itch, much like a mosquito bite, but once the test is read, the back is cleaned off, and the back office is able to apply an anti-itch ointment and administer an antihistamine medication to help with the aftereffects of skin testing.


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