Springtime offers a fresh breath of warm sunshine and a feeling of hope to many people, especially those who hate the frigid winter cold. Unfortunately, the warmer air and growing flowers also usher in a whole host of pollen spread. While it is vital to plant growth and reproduction, pollen is dreaded by those who suffer from seasonal Mesa allergies. Chandler allergists typically see a large influx of patients in the early spring every year, when pollen in the air begins to increase. Here we have some tried and true home remedies that help tremendously with decreasing the allergic response to pollen.

Easy Home Remedies for Allergies You Can Make At Home

What Are Allergies Anyway?

Seasonal allergies occur when a person breathes in air containing pollen particles, and their body perceives it as a threat. Your local Queen Creek allergy doctors will explain that when the pollen gets breathed in, it releases water-soluble proteins on the respiratory lining in the lungs. While these proteins are actually harmless, some people’s bodies mistake them as a threat and begin making substances known as IgE antibodies. Essentially, these IgE antibodies attach to mast cells inside the body, triggering them to release histamine, which causes allergy symptoms. This is why allergy medications prescribed by Mesa allergy experts are called “anti-histamines”, because they suppress the histamine response in order to provide Gilbert allergy relief.

There are many different types of pollen, and those vary according to the area and climate. Various trees, flowers, grasses, hay, and weeds will often trigger allergies, although every person will react differently. Many people are not bothered at all by pollen, while others are bothered by some or all types.

If someone is unaware of which type of pollen they are actually allergic to, they can see a Chandler allergy doctor to receive a test. A Mesa allergy test will use a special process to indicate which type of pollen a person is allergic to, and allow them to be prepared with an anti-histamine or home remedy when that particular plant begins to bloom.

What Are the Symptoms?

No matter which type of pollen someone is reacting to, allergy symptoms are essentially the same across the board. These typically include:

– Itchy or watery eyes
– Itchy throat
– Runny or stuffy nose
– Sneezing
– Coughing
– Wheezing

Those who already suffer from asthma or other breathing concerns may experience exacerbated wheezing or other respiratory symptoms when their allergy season rolls around. They may find that pollen increases their coughing and wheezing, or makes breathing difficult in general. The best option is to find a reputable Mesa asthma doctor, so that remedies and effective treatments can be pinpointed as quickly as possible. Their doctor will perform Chandler asthma testing, to ensure a proper diagnosis is reached, and will offer direction and advice toward effective treatment for asthma in Gilbert.

Effective Treatment and Home Remedies

While there are many over-the-counter antihistamines to treat pollen allergies and symptoms, there are also many home remedies that are just as effective in providing Mesa allergy relief. While these remedies are not scientifically proven, time has shown them to be effective and beneficial. Here are a few examples:

1.- Herbal Teas – Teas such as gingko, milk thistle, red clover, stinging nettle, or yarrow are herbal combinations that can have anti-inflammatory effects, thus effectively reducing allergy symptoms (which are an inflammatory response).
2.- Nasal Irrigation – Using a nasal spray or Neti pot to help flush out the nasal passages will help tremendously in cleaning out any pollen particles that are caught in the hairs inside your nose, causing continual irritation to your body.
3.- Herbal Supplements – Swallowing herbal capsules containing Allium or Euphrasia can help reduce the allergic response in the body.
4.- Local Honey – Over time, ingesting a daily spoonful of locally sourced honey can help reduce allergy symptoms. Using local honey is key because it is made from the same flowers and pollen you are allergic to, and over time it can help your body realize it is not a threat.
5.- Close Windows – Though everyone loves a fresh spring breeze, keeping your windows closed during your allergy season will have a great impact on keeping pollen from blowing into your home.
6.- HEPA Filters – Install HEPA filters in your central air to help filter pollen out of the air inside your home. Additionally, make sure to only use vacuum cleaners with a built-in HEPA filter, to ensure the pollen being vacuumed up from inside your home is not just being released right back out by the vacuum.
7.- Change Clothes – Every time you come in from the outside, tiny bits of dirt and pollen cling to your shoes and clothes. Keep a change of clothes handy and leave your shoes outside the door during allergy season, to avoid tracking excess pollen or dust into your home.
8.- Shower – Taking a shower or bath every evening before bed will help wash off any pollen that has clung to your body from your daily activities.
9.- Laundry – Wash your bedding in hot, soapy water at least weekly during allergy season to ensure there is no pollen buildup.

Pollen allergies are a manageable, but highly frustrating, issue to deal with for people of all ages. Trying some simple home remedies and making new habits, especially during allergy season, can go a long way in effectively managing your pollen intake and reducing your body’s allergic response. If home remedies simply are not cutting it, visit San Tan Allergy & Asthma to consult with one of our professional Mesa allergy doctors. We provide testing and treatment services for a wide variety of allergic conditions and asthma, and can help you improve your quality of life. While these are chronic issues, our allergists and asthma specialists at San Tan Allergy & Asthma can help you effectively manage your symptoms so that your daily life can continue as usual. Don’t let pollen and allergies hold you back, visit our caring and response doctors today!

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