Tips For Surviving a Seasonal Pollen Allergy In Arizona

People who suffer from allergies know that the spring, summer, and fall months can be a real challenge. As the outside temperatures continue to get hotter, the pollen count goes up too, causing allergy symptoms that can range from annoying and inconvenient to downright miserable. Working with your Mesa allergy doctor is the best way to get relief from your symptoms and consider treatments that may help make the summer months more enjoyable. Here are some other tips to help you survive as the pollen count remains high:

A woman suffering from a pollen allergy in Mesa, AZ.

Avoid Opening The Windows In Your Home

Even overnight, and keep the windows in your car closed both while it is parked and while you’re driving. This will significantly reduce the amount of pollen that will blow into your home and cause allergic responses. Instead, run your air conditioner on the recycle setting. It may be beneficial to get your HVAC units inspected and cleaned annually in order to clear out pollen build up that can make allergies worse. You’ll also want to make sure that your air conditioning unit gets a new filter regularly so it can function optimally.

Clean & Change Out Your Air Filters Regularly

Consider a room air filter or whole house unit to help keep the air inside of your home as clean and pollen-free as possible, especially in the rooms where you spend most of your time, such as the bedroom, office, and kitchen.

Shower Before Sleeping

Or when you get home from school or the office. Regular showers are not only good hygiene, but will remove the pollen that can settle in your hair, clothes, and skin after being outside. A shower will prevent you from breathing in that pollen all night long, agitating your allergy symptoms.
Wear sunglasses outside. Your Mesa allergist may suggest wearing glasses or sunglasses while outside to help reduce the amount of pollen that gets into your eyes, which will cause watery, itchy eyes and other annoying symptoms.

Take Off Your Shoes As Soon As You Get Home

Taking off shoes in your entryway or even on a covered porch or inside the garage will help keep pollen outside so it doesn’t settle in your carpet or get sucked into your HVAC system.

Wash Off Your Pets’ Paws

And fur if they’ve been outside before you allow them into your home. Pets are a frequently overlooked source of pollen allergy symptoms, because the pollen can stick to their paws and fur and then be transferred to your carpets or furniture.

Avoid Being Outside At Mid-Day

When pollen counts tend to be at their highest. Reduce your overall pollen exposure and minimize your allergy symptoms by adjusting your outside activities so you can be indoors during the highest pollen count parts of the day.

Take Your Allergy Medication Before Going Out

If your Mesa allergy expert has prescribed you an allergy medicine or recommended that you take an over-the-counter medication, take it before you head outside for any outdoor activities. Usually, allergy medicines will work more effectively if you take them proactively instead of waiting until after you start having symptoms. Of course, be sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding your medication.

Follow a Daily Pollen Count Service

So you can be aware of the best and worse pollen counts of the year. You can even sign up for daily emails or text alerts so you never miss the information or get caught outside on an especially bad pollen day. You may need to adjust your activities or expectations during the peak pollen season to help limit your exposure and allergic reactions.

Visit a board certified allergist in Chandler to get an accurate diagnosis, learn more about what triggers your symptoms, and get a customized treatment plan that will target your body’s specific allergens and reactions.

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