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Insect stings can be deadly and it is important to seek out an expert’s opinion if you or someone you know has had a possible allergic reaction to an insect.

Testing for insect allergy is slightly different than routine testing for environmental or food allergies. It is used primarily to confirm whether or not someone who has already had a reaction to a sting is truly allergic and to help find exactly what type of insect they are allergic to. The doctors at San Tan Allergy & Asthma can help you to determine whether testing is needed as well as what type of testing is most appropriate to identify a possible allergy to stinging insects.

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Overview of Allergic Reactions to Insect Stings

Allergic reactions to insect stings are similar to the reaction you might have for other allergies. You might have an allergic reaction as soon as you are bitten or stung, or it might take a little longer before you notice any reaction. You might feel like you were stung by a certain insect before with no reaction but then are bit by the same insect with a big reaction, which may be true. It all depends on how much of the venom or toxin the insect is able to inject, where the bite or sting occurs on your body, and other factors.

Phoenix Allergy Testing with San Tan Allergy & Asthma

Common Symptoms of an Insect Allergy

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting include hives, itching, swelling, and pain. You can also have redness or flushing around the area where you were stung or other parts of your skin. In extreme cases, anaphylaxis is also possible, which involves the tightening of the airway, a sharp loss of blood pressure, and a rapid pulse. Allergic reactions to insect stings can be mild or life-threatening. It is important that you seek medical attention right away for severe reactions.

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Management and Treatment of an Insect Allergy

Our Phoenix Insect Allergy Testing Services ArizonaIt is important that you avoid contact with insects to which you know you are allergic, but that’s not always possible. No one sets out to mow through a wasp’s nest or to put their foot in an anthill. You can be stung or bitten at any time, and the consequences can be dangerous. Our expert allergists will help you learn how to manage and treat your allergy so that you can stay safe and symptom-free no matter the circumstances you find yourself in. If your allergy is severe, you may need to carry an epinephrine pen to treat anaphylaxis.

Immunotherapy may be used in the treatment of some insect allergies. With this treatment, our expert providers give a small dose of the allergen to help your body become less sensitive to it. Over time, larger doses are administered. The goal is to reduce your body’s reaction so that any future insect bites or stings do not result in painful or life-threatening allergic reactions. This therapy is strictly monitored in the controlled environment of our office, where our doctors and medical professionals can immediately intervene where necessary.

Do not make your next walk in the woods or trip to the pool a potential landmine. Let the allergists at San Tan Allergy and Asthma help you discover the insect allergies you have and develop a course of treatment so that you can live free of symptoms or fear of insect encounters. Call us today to schedule an appointment for insect allergy testing.


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