How To Combat Your Springtime Allergy Symptoms Successfully

If you’re suffering from springtime allergies, you understand how miserable it can feel. Your eyes are itchy and watery, your nose keeps dripping, and you just can’t stop sneezing. When seasonal allergies are severe, it’s not unusual to feel run down or tired, have more widespread itching, wheezing, and other embarrassing or annoying symptoms such as red and puffy eyes, post nasal drip, and a frequent need to clear your throat.

With so many uncomfortable symptoms, it’s no surprise that most allergy sufferers become desperate for relief. Unfortunately, many of the ways that people commonly try to combat their allergy symptoms end up being unsuccessful. Schedule an appointment with Queen Creek allergy doctors and avoid these typical springtime allergy treatment mistakes so you can be prepared when springtime allergy season hits.

How To Combat Your Springtime Allergy Symptoms Successfully In Chandler, AZ.

Avoid Treating Symptoms Without Knowing What’s Causing Them

Many seasonal allergy symptoms overlap with symptoms of other conditions, so if over the counter allergy medications aren’t helping, it may be time to visit your doctor and explore other reasons for your symptoms. Additionally, more than 2/3 of spring allergy sufferers actually have allergies all year round. If this is the case for you, it’s beneficial to see an allergist who can more specifically diagnose and treat your symptoms. An experienced Mesa allergist can perform specific testing to learn what triggers your symptoms, so you can get started with treatment that will more effectively control your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Avoid Waiting Too Long To Start Treatment

If you can predict when your springtime allergies will hit, don’t wait until you’re feeling bad. Start taking allergy medication that has worked for you in past seasons before symptoms start. Many allergy sufferers find it helpful to follow their local pollen count. You can even sign up for daily emails so you know exactly what’s blooming and can be prepared! Know that as soon as the spring weather starts, plants will start releasing pollen and your allergy symptoms won’t be too far behind.

Avoid Taking Too Many Over The Counter Medications That Aren’t Helping

About eighty percent of seasonal allergy sufferers say that taking over the counter allergy meds is less than “very effective” at relieving their symptoms. Before seeking care from a Chandler allergy expert, many patients try to relieve their seasonal allergy symptoms by trying many combinations of over the counter meds from the drugstore. Since allergy symptoms are so frustrating and miserable, this is understandable. But if over the counter medications aren’t giving you any relief, schedule an appointment with an allergist who can provide alternative treatments, such as nasal sprays and allergy shots. These specialized treatments are effective at providing relief from symptoms and also save you money in the long run since you likely will no longer need over the counter medications.

Avoid Environments That Make Your Symptoms Worse

If seasonal allergies are making your life difficult, it’s important that you not only get the right treatment plan, but that you also minimize your exposure to the environments that trigger your symptoms. For example, if you have a pollen allergy, avoid spending long amounts of time in grassy areas. People with mold allergies will need to avoid homes with mold problems. Most people find this inconvenience worthwhile if it reduces their symptoms.

Avoid Eating Fruits & Vegetables That Can Trigger Spring Allergy Symptoms

About one in three allergy sufferers will develop itching around their mouth, lips, and throat, along with sniffles and sneezing, after eating some kinds of fresh fruits. This is called oral allergy syndrome, and it’s caused by protein similarity between pollens and some foods. People who are allergic to tree pollen may find that they react or develop increased symptoms in response to apples, cherries, pears, apricots, kiwis, oranges, and plums, along with nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Cooking or peeling these foods may reduce the symptoms, but it’s important to talk about these reactions with your Chandler allergy doctor.

Get The Best Allergy Care In Chandler

If springtime allergy symptoms are making your life miserable, schedule an appointment with the experts at San Tan Allergy and Asthma. Our experienced doctors utilize a wide variety of testing and treatment options so you can feel relief and get back to living life again! To get started with your care, contact us office today.



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