How Does An Allergic Reaction Develops

Although not everyone suffers from allergies, one thing is certain: they can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, age, or race. An allergic reaction can range from mild to severe and drastically decrease a person’s quality of life. At some point in time, almost everyone will experience some kind of allergic reaction, whether it’s seasonal allergies or a reaction to an animal, plant, or food. While many of these allergic reactions will happen in childhood, it’s very common for allergies to appear in adulthood, too. 

If you are suffering from allergies, make an appointment with a Queen Creek allergy doctor to undergo allergy testing so you can determine the root cause of your reactions. If you are experiencing a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. 

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Allergies 101: The Basics

We all know how inconvenient and downright annoying it can be to have allergies. Some people are unable to enjoy spring due to their response to the pollens floating around outside. Others have to give up certain foods because they have allergies to wheat, peanuts, or other ingredients, while still others may not be able to enjoy pets because they react to dander.

Allergies happen as the result of our immune system’s reaction to specific triggers. Common allergens include pet dander, pollen, and proteins in specific foods such as peanuts. Doctors don’t know why some people react to things that don’t bother other people, but they do know that many people begin to develop an intolerance to certain elements or foods to such an extent that they may develop a wide variety of uncomfortable, painful, or even life-threatening symptoms. Allergy symptoms can include rashes, itching, watery eyes and nose, sore throat, stomach pain and digestive difficulty, headaches, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis.

Allergies are one of the most common medical conditions in the world. They can begin during your childhood, teen years, or in adulthood. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, it’s helpful to visit a Mesa allergy specialist. Testing can reveal exactly what you are reacting to so that a specialized treatment plan can be developed that will help relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

Can Allergies Develop During Adulthood?

In many cases, allergy symptoms begin once a person is an adult. For example, sometimes people grow up with a pet dog or cat, then leave for college, and discover when returning home for fall break that they are itching or sniffling whenever they come in contact with the beloved family dog. In other situations, the reverse can happen as well. 

Some people may be allergic to pollen or pet dander as children and find that they “outgrow” the allergy or that it disappears later on. Most likely, this happens because they have developed a tolerance to those common allergens. Many allergy specialists believe that the more exposed to allergens you receive, the more likely it is that you will develop immunity to those allergies later in life. This is the principle behind some allergy treatments such as allergy shots.

But Why Do Allergies Appear & Disappear Over Time?

Anyone who has dealt with allergies knows that they can be strange sometimes. Some people may have symptoms in childhood while others develop symptoms for the first time as teens or adults. Others experience allergies which disappear later. Here are some of the common reasons why this happens:

Factors Such As Age May Be At Play

Our bodies change as we age, and some Chandler allergy experts believe that allergies gradually disappear as we get older. This might be because our bodies develop tolerance to particular allergens over time. However, in some cases, people become more sensitive and experience worsening effects of allergies as they age.

Stress May Be Another Factor

Stress is detrimental to our health and can be a driving factor behind some allergic reactions. The more stressed you are at work or with personal matters, the more likely you are to experience allergy symptoms. Your immune system becomes weakened by stress, which not only makes you more susceptible to illness, but makes your body less resistant to common allergens, leaving you with uncomfortable symptoms.

The Weather May Also Have Something To Do With It

Temperature swings which affect humidity levels can cause inflammation of the sinus, leading to annoying and inconvenient allergy symptoms such as runny nose or watery eyes. If you live in the city, you’re more likely to have allergy symptoms than someone who lives in rural or suburban areas.

Effective Allergy Treatment in Mesa, Arizona

Having allergies is a big deal that can significantly affect the quality of your life. Find the Mesa allergy relief you’ve been looking for with a consultation at San Tan Allergy & Asthma. Our clinicians are specially trained and offer a wide variety of allergy treatments so you can get back to living a comfortable life! Schedule your appointment today by visiting our website or calling our clinic.



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