At San Tan Allergy & Asthma we see patients on a daily basis who are newly diagnosed with food allergies. Often times for parents, this news can be overwhelming. Knowing what foods are safe, changing the way you grocery shop or even where you grocery, educating your child on what foods to avoid, avoiding cross contamination, and meal planning for your family can be just some of the obstacles families have to overcome.

In an attempt to better understand the day-to-day challenges so many of our food allergic patients face, two members of our staff, Amanda Hess, PA-C and Aaron M., RN will be eliminating two of the top 8 allergens from their diet for the next two weeks. Amanda will be eliminating dairy and egg products and Aaron will be eliminating dairy and gluten products. Over the next two weeks they will be keeping a food journal and recording the challenges they face on an everyday basis. We hope to gain a firsthand account of what it is like living with food allergies in the hopes of discovering new resources our patients can utilize as well as the ability to better relate to our patients with food allergies!

If you know of any awesome resources (websites, cookbooks, blogs, etc.) you think other people with food allergies may benefit from let us know!!