Allergies can strike at any point during a person’s life. As each new season begins, different allergies come into their peak time and begin to wreak havoc on the people around them. Allergy doctors in Chandler are busy all year round working with new and current patients, helping to relieve unpleasant allergy symptoms and reactions. But did you know that Chandler allergists can do more than just treat symptoms? Here are some more details on why allergists play a critical role in your daily health and wellness.

Taking Allergy Test is One of the Critical  Roles Your Allergist Plays In Your Health

What Is An Allergist?

To understand why Queen Creek allergy experts and immunologists are so crucial to one’s health, you must first understand what exactly an allergist is. In simple terms, an allergist is a physician specifically trained to help with allergies, no matter the root cause. They treat unpleasant symptoms in a variety of ways to provide allergy relief, help desensitize people to allergens, and work to pinpoint the root cause of allergic reactions.

Because allergies can actually indicate a wide range of conditions, Queen Creek asthma doctors and allergists work with more than just seasonal pollen allergies. They work closely with patients facing respiratory issues from asthma, coughs, sinus problems, and hay fever, and will also perform skin tests and patch tests to pinpoint specific reactions. Allergy experts offer testing for food allergies, FPIES, immune deficiencies, and a wide range of other health concerns.

When patients schedule an appointment with a Mesa allergist, the physician will act as a detective and ask many questions to get a comprehensive picture of what that patient is dealing with. From there, they will perform different Mesa allergy tests to determine more specifically what the allergic cause is, and will create an effective treatment plan to attack the root cause. Patients are typically referred to allergists by their regular doctor when facing health concerns that need to be investigated more thoroughly.

Why Is An Allergist Important For My Health?

Mesa allergy experts typically work with conditions affecting the places where allergens from the environment come into contact with the body. These areas include skin, linings of the eyes, nose, mouth and throat, GI tract, and the lungs. Exposure to allergens in these areas create irritation and inflammation, thus producing the symptoms we are familiar with – itching, burning, redness, irritation, pain, runny noses, sore throat, coughing, hives, and many more.

When you have an acute, serious, or potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to something such as food, insect bite, or new medication, allergy doctors in Mesa will effectively treat the symptoms right away. They will then work closely with the patient to desensitize their body to that allergen to avoid having such an acute reaction in the future. The process of desensitization is time-consuming and requires a patient, attentive doctor. It involves slowly introducing micro amounts of an allergen into a patient’s body to help change or suppress their immune over-response, and to help their body begin to tolerate that allergen instead of reacting to it. This is known as allergy injections or shots, but there are newly effective treatments that involve receiving the allergen by a sublingual or ingestion route instead.

Allergists and immunologists specialize in learning specifically why a person’s body responds in the way that it does. When people are prone to recurrent, consistent, or persistent infections and sicknesses, immunologists are typically able to pinpoint where something is wrong, and create a treatment plan to make it right so that the body responds and works in a healthy way as it was originally designed to do. Additionally, these treatment plans typically involve various approaches that are outside of the norm, but can be just as effective as normal treatments, if not more.

Trust Your Allergist

It is important to find a reputable, licensed Chandler allergist or immunologist who is knowledgeable and cares deeply about their patients. Because they are using a variety of treatment options and work to pinpoint and heal the root cause of your health concerns, finding someone who communicates with you and knows what they are doing makes all the difference. Your health is not something to be flippantly tampered with, so be sure to check reviews and ask your family or friends who they would recommend.

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